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Canakkale ceramic factory, pioneered for Turkish tile industry, was founded in 1957 in Can district to produce floor and wall files and high voltage isolators in order to stop importation of ceramics. initially.

"Box type furnaces" with a capacity of 2.5 T/day were installed to produce the frit needed for the glaze.

In accordance with the developing technology for the ceramic tile industry, frit production unit were forced to install new type of furnaces in 1980's. On April 30 1987 Kalefrit A. S. was founded.

Kalefrit's aim is to improve fit production using modern methods and technology. This is achieved by installing continuous furnaces. At present, Kalefrit A. S. has a total production area of 18.000 at Can and a production capacity of 55.000 tons per annum. Current production is totally computerized and thanks to upgrading in Quality assurance system (ISO 9001-2008), frit and glaze production is highly improved.

Process control system have helped to reduce costs substantially.

Following the completion of modern production lines, Kalefrit A. S. has reached the European standards and is ready to compete in either domestic or foreign markets.



1957 - The foundations of Turkey's first ceramic factory were laid by the Prime Minister of the time Adnan Menderes.
1958 - Canakkale Ceramics Factories LTD; With the participation of family members, employees, local people, and dealers, it was transformed into Çanakkale Seramik Fabrikaları A.Ş. and became the first public company in Turkey.
1959 - The first domestic wall tile production was carried out.
1960 - The first High Voltage Insulator was produced in Turkey.

1962 - Çanakkale Seramik Fabrikaları A.S. carried out Turkey's first ceramic export.
1969 - Kale Kalıp was established to manufacture Turkey's first ceramic molds.



1971 - Kaledekor was founded, offering integrated solutions to the final consumer.
1972 - Turkey's first ceramic floor tile manufacturer Kalebodur was established and became the generic name in floor tiles in Turkey.
1973 - Kale Holding was established as the first steps of institutionalization.
1973 - Kalekim, which produces the first ceramic adhesive in Turkey, was established and became another brand with a generic name in its field.
1974 - Kale Nakliyat was established to meet the logistics service needs of Kale Group Companies that emerged with their growing production.
1984 - Kale Eksport was established to better serve the Group's increasing ceramic exports and to open up new markets.

1987 - Kale Frit, which produces Turkey's first domestic frit, was founded.
1990 - Kale Maden was established to provide qualified raw materials for the ceramic production of Kale Group.



1993 - Kalevit, which operates in the field of ceramic sanitary ware, was founded.
1994 - Kalekalıp started to manufacture Natural Gas Meters.
2001 - Altınay, which produced Turkey's first industrial robot, joined Kale Group and took the name Kale Altınay.
2004 - Kalecolor brand entered the interior and exterior paint market.
2004 - With the union of Dow Chemical and Mardav, the Blue'Safe Mavi Kale brand was born.
2005 - Kalekim and Kaleseramik Central Anatolian Yerköy Facility was put into service in Yozgat.


2005 -  Kalekalıp Defense & Aerospace Department signed a long-term cooperation agreement with The Boeing Company and became the sub-production company of The Boeing Company.
2008 - Bathroom furniture factory was opened in Bandırma than bathroom furniture production started.
2008 - Kale Havacılık, which manufactures structural parts, fuselage, wing, winglet parts and flight critical parts in Tuzla Free Zone, was established.
2010 - The partnership with the American Company Pratt & Whitney, the giant of the engine industry in the world aviation industry, was entered into and Kale Pratt &; Whitney Aircraft Motor Industries Inc. was established.
2011 - The Italian ceramics giant Fincuoghi was acquired with all its shares (EDILGRES, Edilcuoghi and Campani) and Kale Italya was founded
2013 - Kalekim Erzurum and Mardin Factories were opened.
2014 - Kale Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Industry Factory was established in Izmir.
2014 - Kalebodur 19th tile factory was opened in Çanakkale/Çan.
2015 - Granite Factory was opened in Çanakkale/Çan with an investment of 100 million TL..
2016 - Kalekim decided to establish a factory in Balıkesir with an investment of 30 million TL
2018 - Kalekim's 7th factory was opened in Balıkesir.

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