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Clarification and Consent Statement Regarding the Protection of Personal Data

With this text, we inform you, visitors of our website, as per the Personal Data Protection Law 6698 (“Law”). This Clarification Text is drawn up to inform about registration, processing, sharing, transfer to any third parties, storage, deletion and destruction process of the personal data collected from the visitors of our website as well as our principles in this respect.

I) Data controller
Kalefrit Silikat Mamulleri Sır ve Boya San. Tic. A.Ş. (“KALEFRİT”) having its registered office at Kalefrit Silikat Mamulleri Sır ve Boya San. Tic. A.Ş., is “Data Controller” as per the Law.

II) Purpose of processing your personal data
Your personal data are processed by KALEFRİT under the following conditions and situations as per the Law:

* Your personal data will be processed for:

* Use of them in the campaign, sale and marketing operations,
* Communication of information related to organizations we hold and services we provide,
* Use of them in the news of events posted in the social media,
* Identification of usage habits of the website users and visitors and conducting data analysis,
* Enhancement of the quality of services we provide in the website,
* Fulfilment of the requirements of the service if service is received via website.

III) Personal data to be processed
The following personal data of you, but as indicative and not limited to them, will be processed depending on the legal relation to be built with you or the transaction to be made:

* Your contact details you communicated to us and/or posted in your website or via other media channels,
* Any of data, photos and shares etc. you upload or send to our website and to our social media accounts whose links are given here,
* Product you are interested and products or service for which you want to receive offer,
* Information about the browser you use to have access to our website as well as website and application you use to have access to here,
* IP, protocol and communication records required to be kept as per the law 5651,
* Subpages you visit and time you spend there and similar usage statistics.

IV) To whom and for what purpose your personal data may be transferred
According to the purposes mentioned above and the conditions laid down in the Law, your personal data may, by your express consent and as per the applicable laws, be transferred to:

* Our stakeholders, member companies of our group and shareholders,
* Business partners and suppliers provided it is limited to provision of our products and services,
* Consultants and audit companies for commercial, financial and legal consultancy and audits,
* Subcontractors and any 3rd parties commissioned for performance of our campaigns, promotions and announcement,
* Call Center and/or service companies providing Complaint follow-up service for settlement of customer complaints,
* Competent public organizations and establishments and judicial authorities only as specified and limited to the scope set forth in the applicable Laws,
* Competent public organizations and establishments and judicial authorities only as specified and limited to the scope set forth in the applicable Laws,
* Companies of social media platform hosting or providing system for communication you make with the social media account linked to our website,
* Other purchasers for which we obtained your consent for data transfer.

V) Method and legal ground of processing the personal data
Your personal data are collected by KALEFRİT or natural or legal persons that process data for KALEFRİT by your express consent and via verbal, written, visual or electronic media channels including, but not limited to website, our social media channels, mobile applications For our automatic data collection methods related to our website and associated social media accounts, you ma find our cookie policy at

Your personal data are processed by KALEFRİT for presentation of our business activities and maintenance of our activities and fulfilment of our responsibilities completely and correctly as specified by the Laws.

VI) Your legal rights as per the Law
Your rights are given in the Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law and they include the following rights.

By making a written application to KALEFRİT, with respect to your personal data, you are entitled to:

* Know whether they are processed or not,
* if processed, get information about it,
* get information about purpose of the processing and whether they are used according to such purpose,
* get information about any 3rd parties to whom they are transferred at home or abroad,
* if processed deficiently or incorrectly, request correction of them,
* request deletion or destruction or anonymization of them according to the conditions set forth in the article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law,
request information about actions taken against 3rd parties to which they are transferred as per the subparagraphs of (d) and (e)
* reject any consequence against you due to analysis of them by automatic systems exclusively,
* if you incur any loss due to processing of them illegally, request compensation of such loss. In order to exercise the rights mentioned above, you should write a written application containing your ID details and your statements about the right you desire to exercise and deliver it to the address of Cumhuriyet Mah. Demirci Sk. No:1 17430 Çan / Çanakkale - Turkiye by hand or send through notary public or by registered mail or send a signed copy of the form to the mail address


Your request is finalized free of charge as soon as possible, but within 30 days at the latest. However, as such transaction costs some amount, a fee may be collected as specified by the Personal Data Protection Board. If you make request for anybody else, you should attach a power of attorney you received to this end and other documents confirming your identity should be attached to your application.

I hereby give my consent to processing of my personal data for sale, marketing and promotion activities according to this clarification text and applicable law and sharing of the same to the suppliers and business partners providing service for conduct of such activities.

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